How to place a sample order?

  1. We give recommendations according to customer’s application
  2. Confirm weight and cost
  3. Issuing Proforma Invoice
  4. Making payment
  5. Shipping samples

Payment method

Wire transfer – T/T, Online payment by credit card, Paypal, Alipay, Wechat, West Union etc.

Our operations during orders

Before Shipment:

  1. Take 50 grams samples from the same batch, and keep it for future reference.
  2. Issue Product List showing shipped product details and precautions for use on, and put this document into package box.
  3. Take 3 photos during packing: single package, with protective film, and the boxes after sealing.

After Shipment:

  1. Send 3 photos and waybill number to customers.
  2. Remind customers to check package near arriving date.
  3. Tracking customer’s testing result, and provide technical support to solve the problem if any.

Find the reason

  1. We will carefully ask about the occurrence and the customer’s operation process (It is the best if customers can provide videos or photos to show the problems more clearly).
  2. We will check the samples which was kept along with the shipment.
  3. If problem is from our product, we will send the same products again in the shortest time.
  4. If the customer uses the pigment improperly, we will give an analysis and recommendations.

Research & Development

Our R&D team is formed by a number of experienced chemical engineers. They are from basic chemical area, organic chemical area, applied chemistry area, and coating area. Their average working time in glow in the dark industry is around 12 years.

  1. If customers want to match their particular type: We will need the samples, test its brightness and particle size, then matching accordingly.

2. If customers want to develop a new type: We will need customer’s specific requests of technical data or application area, then make formulations to reach customers’ requirement.

Production Period

Sample Orders: 1-2 days.
Formal Orders (Standard types): 3-7 days.
Formal Orders (Customized types): According to the production situation

Transportation method & time

Express Delivery (door to door):  5-8 days.
Air Shipping (airport to airport):  7-10 days.
Railway Delivery (railway station to railway station):  25-40 days.
Sea Shipping (sea port to sea port):  15-40 days.

Packaging method of glow in the dark powder

1. Heat Sealed Bag for sample orders:
Put pigment into heat sealed bag, winding bubble film, then load into carton.
2. Iron Drum with Carton for bulk orders:
Put pigment into plastic bag with two layers, tie the bags tightly, then put in an iron bucket with a carton outside.

Packaging method of glow in the dark paint

Packing: 1kg or 5kg per plastic bucket.