Anti-counterfeit Principle

Up-conversion luminescent powder is an echo-friendly material that is non-toxic, harmless, and radiation-free. It can rapidly generate high-intensity infrared luminescence when excited by invisible up-conversion light, serving the purposes of product anti-counterfeiting, secure coding, and product traceability.

Performance Advantages

This material exhibits a sensitive responsiveness, vibrant colors, long-lasting lifespan, outstanding concealment capabilities, and a high level of security. It provides a reliable foundation for effectively achieving functions such as detection, tracking, identification, and verification, while also offering convenient and rapid detection characteristics.

Application Areas

This material can be incorporated into mediums such as ink, paint, plastics, fibers, glass, ceramics, etc., and applied in various fields including paper products, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, luxury goods, automotive components, electronic products, and more.

● Excitation Light: 980nm & 1550nm(customization available)

● Anti-counterfeiting Pigment Particle Size: 5-20 micron & 80 nm

● Luminous Light: Invisible Light & Visible Light (Yellow-Green, Green, Blue, Red)

● Double Anti-counterfeiting Customization Available

Application Scenarios

Food Packaging Anti-Counterfeiting

Currency Counterfeiting Prevention

Pharmaceutical Product Authentication

3D Printing Verification

Multi-Material Anti-Counterfeiting

Luxury Goods Anti-Counterfeiting

Automotive Parts Traceability

Electronic Chip Traceability


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