What Are The Applications Of Phosphorescent Powder In Textiles?

The application of phosphorescent powder in clothing and accessories is gradually becoming more popular in fashion design. The use of luminous materials not only adds uniqueness and a sense of technology to clothing and accessories but also provides consumers with a safer and more practical experience.

Application of Phosphorescent powder in Clothing

Phosphorescent powder can be added to fabric to create luminous T-shirts, luminous dresses, luminous bras, and other luminous clothing items. It can also be mixed with ink to be printed onto garments. These clothing can emit colorful luminous effects in the dark, not only adding fun but also enhancing the safety of nighttime activities such as cycling and running.

Phosphorescent Shoes

Phosphorescent powder can be applied to shoes, creating luminous effects on the outsoles or uppers, thus enhancing the uniqueness and fashion sense of the shoes. 

In addition to clothing and shoes, phosphorescent powder can be applied to various accessories. For instance, mixing phosphorescent powder with resin or ink using for watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry items can create a soft glow in the dark, adding a unique sense of fashion to the overall look.

In summary, the application of phosphorescent powder in clothing and accessory production is becoming increasingly widespread, providing strong support for creating more unique, fashionable, and safe products.

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