What is Up-conversion Anti-Counterfeiting Material?

Counterfeit goods, including counterfeit currency, pharmaceuticals, documents, and other products, have become a global and serious issue, posing significant threats to individuals, businesses, and nations. According to the “2018-2020 Global Counterfeit Report,” the global market value of counterfeit goods reached a staggering $1.82 trillion in 2020. Traditional anti-counterfeiting technologies such as watermarks, barcodes, and laser holograms have struggled to meet the evolving demands for high-level security against counterfeit activities.

The Latest Innovation: Up-conversion Anti-counterfeiting Material

The latest innovation Up-conversion anti-counterfeiting material emerges. This material boasts a range of unique advantages, including high stability, non-toxicity, harmlessness, and no radiation. Particularly noteworthy is its rapid generation of high-intensity infrared light when stimulated by invisible light. They can achieve multi-color up-conversion emission under multi-wavelength near-infrared excitation, with controllable lifetimes lasting for milliseconds. Furthermore, through mature surface modification techniques, these materials can achieve excellent dispersion in various polymers and adhesives, facilitating the production of high-resolution security patterns through methods such as screen printing or lithography.

Applications & Advantages

Up-conversion anti-counterfeiting material can be embedded in various media and applied in various fields, including paper products, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, luxury goods, automotive components, and electronic products etc. The emission intensity, color, and lifetime of this material can be programmatically adjusted based on excitation conditions and external environments, further enhancing product security and anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

The emergence of up-conversion anti-counterfeiting materials has injected new vitality into the anti-counterfeiting field, offering responsive, vivid colors, sharp peaks, and enduring emission lifetimes, as well as exceptional concealability. This promises to bring about a significant transformation in the anti-counterfeiting industry. Not only do they hold the potential to combat counterfeiting issues, but they also provide innovative ways to enhance product security and offer unprecedented possibilities for product traceability.

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