Ink and Upconversion Anti-Counterfeiting Materials: A Novel Approach to Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

In modern society, counterfeit and substandard goods abound, deceiving not only consumers but also causing serious harm to the enthusiasm of innovators, rendering their earlier efforts futile. Therefore, employing anti-counterfeiting measures to safeguard intellectual property and ensure product authenticity is of paramount importance. Unlike traditional anti-counterfeiting techniques, the introduction of upconversion anti-counterfeiting materials presents innovative opportunities for achieving advanced anti-counterfeiting effects.

Micro Powders: 1550nm Excitation

Upconversion anti-counterfeiting materials can be combined with ink and applied to the substrate through various processes to print anti-counterfeiting marks. These marks exhibit different luminescent colors and patterns under various light sources, and can even simultaneously display two distinct color effects. They are typically used in various documents, high-end luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive components, and other fields. This unique anti-counterfeiting marking is challenging for counterfeiters to replicate, providing consumers with an intuitive means to distinguish genuine products from counterfeits and offering robust anti-counterfeiting protection to innovators.

Micro Powders: 980nm Excitation

Upconversion anti-counterfeiting materials can create anti-counterfeiting markings that are highly recognizable and visually appealing. The printing process can be incorporated into standard procedures without requiring additional complex steps, making it a feasible option for manufacturers.

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