How To Properly Store And Use Glow In The Dark Paint

If you want to make glow in the dark paint by mixing glow in the dark powder with transparent paint, it is crucial to store and use it properly to ensure that your glow in the dark paint works as expected in the dark.
Here are some tips for storing and using glow in the dark paint:

Tip 1: Store in a cool and dry place

Glow in the dark paint should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Tip 2: Mix and use immediately

Glow in the dark powder has a higher density of 3.6g/cm3. It is recommended to mix and use immediately to avoid settling. If it has to be stored for some time, the viscosity of the emulsion system should be adjusted to an appropriate level to avoid settling.

Tip 3: Apply to a clean and smooth surface

Before painting, clean and repair the surface to ensure the smoothness and free of dust or debris, this will help glow in the dark paint be applied evenly to the surface.

Tip 4: Apply a layer of white primer as a base coat

A white primer can help to reflect the light better and improve the luminosity.

Tip 5: Apply glow in the dark paint evenly

When applying glow in the dark paint, use a brush, roller, or spray gun to apply it evenly, and avoid clumping or uneven glowing.

Tip 6: It is recommended to apply two layers of glow in the dark paint

If mixing glow-in-the-dark powder with epoxy resin or acrylic paint, it is recommended to apply two layers to improve the coverage of the luminous pigment and enhance the glowing effect. If mixing with thermoplastic paint, one layer is sufficient.

Tip 7: Apply a layer of clear coat for protection

It is recommended to apply a layer of varnish on the top of the glow in the dark coating to reduce friction, but it is not necessary.

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