What is the meaning of glow in the dark pigment in escaping system?

Glow in the dark pigment, also known as phosphorescent pigment, are materials that absorb and store light energy from ambient or artificial light. When a light source is removed, glow-in-the-dark pigments are slowly released over time, creating a visible glow in poorly lit or dark environments. When used in escape systems, glow in the dark pigment can be applied to surfaces such as walls, stairs and exits to provide a source of illumination to help people find their way to safety in an emergency.

Glow in the dark pigments in escape systems

In escape systems, glow in the dark pigment are used to create visible markers and signs that can guide people to safety in areas where visibility may be limited in low light conditions. For example, in power outages, fires or other emergencies, glow in the dark pigment can be used to create emergency exit signs, stairwell signs and other safety signs to help people evacuate buildings quickly and safely in emergencies where normal lighting is not available.
Glow in the dark pigment can be applied to surfaces by a variety of methods, including paint, tape or powder. It is important to select the appropriate pigment type and application method based on the specific requirements of the escape system and the surface to which it is to be applied.


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